Wood Finishing and Furniture Repair -                      Repairs and Refinishing that will Last
We did not take part in making your home beautiful, but we can restore the beauty to your furniture, cabinets or molding. Wood Finishing and Furniture Repair will take away the unsightly damage.
Our on-site furniture repair will seldom be perfect but those who didn't see the problem before will likely not see that it has been repaired.
The repair of furniture is an art. There is no other way to express it. We want your eye to be pleased. 
If your furniture or cabinets need repair, whether they are dented, scratched, gouged or broken, we will come to your home or office to assess the damage and provide a solution at a fair price. We also provide on-site finishing of bay windows or crown moldings.
At the shop is where we strip and refinish an entire bedroom set or perhaps, your dining room furni-ture. Industrial spraying equipment allows us to apply both the functional and the aesthetic; a clear lacquer finish that will provide protection for the wood, a consistent sheen for beauty and a smooth or semi-smooth feel that your friends will marvel at. Where important, wood of the same species will be used to replace a missing section. Our repairs and refinishing will last.